Day 24 and Day 25 The event, take out pizzas delivered to the castle and a slate carving from a quarryman from Dyffryn Ogwen above the fireplace in the dining room

As I cannot fix anything into the walls of the studio  I borrow some easels to display my work . I think about how work is displayed in the castle and go for a layered approach. I lay out all the watercolours on a table on acid free paper. The oil paintings are on easels or in alcoves. I use a cupboard in the studio to display cut outs, drawings and source materials. The opening works well with lots of staff and volunteers. After this we drink wine, order take out pizzas to the castle ( a first) and play charades until 3.3o am. The following day there is a meeting with the trust and a steering group for the residencies; despite the artists’ hangovers it goes very well and everybody is very positive with what has been achieved.

The following day we all pack up, it is a little sad. The good news is that we will be back in the castle in the autumn as the National Trust want to organise a more public showing at the castle of the work made… so watch this space. On a final note I want to post an image and text from volunteer Janet. If any more volunteers or readers want to send me their choices of what you would want to put in the castle, where and why e mail me with an image at and I will add it to this post. Janet wrote; Regrettably it isn’t in my possession. However I’d love to place a copy, or better still the original, of this slate carving, probably made by a quarryman from Dyffryn Ogwen, above the fireplace in the dining room at Penrhyn Castle. I could then imagine the horror of George Sholto if he could come back as a spirit and see it there. I’m sure his reaction would be even more dramatic than that of anyone who happened to see his ghost!

Carved Slate from quarryman Dyffryn Ogwen

Carved Slate from quarryman Dyffryn Ogwen


About emrysw

Emrys Williams is a visual artist based in Wales.
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