Day 6 Alice in sepia, looking away

Alice in sepia

Today I worked on a more controlled drawing that layered the image of Alice into different wallpaper patterns from different rooms of the castle and window motifs. The colour of the drawing referred to the photograph of Alice with the Eisteddfod party mentioned earlier.The photograph is glaze and the photograph I took of it caught the reflections of the windows across the hall; images of these are included in the drawing, setting Alice in the interior location as well as part of the wallpaper pattern.The image reminded me of images from Marcel Proust’s novel “Rememberance of things past” particularly the parts of the novel where the narrator talks about Albertine, the girl he is in love with; in the novel she  and her troupe of friends are continually described in relation to flower shapes and botanical ideas, there are various metaphors.Proust would have been writing around the time the photograph was taken and there would have been similarities in terms of dress and class that the novelist observed and built into the novel. The drawing was made intuitively although it was controlled technically but I realise it also relates to the sort of image I had when I read the novel a long time ago; I think there is a reference to “les jeunes filles en fleur” or ” les jolies filles en fleur”, something like that, I am not sure which. Also both Picasso and Matisse made images before the first world war of women who become a sort of extension of an arabesque, obviously with a lot of sexual undertones!

Following on from this I made a more composite drawing of Alice and the India room.

Alice - India room

This drawing uses images from wallpaper in the India room and another nearby heavily furnished room ; the whole thing picks up on the exotic but also the ivy that covers some walls of the castle.In the drawing there is also reference to the paper castle cut outs I photographed on day 1 where they were placed next to ornamental shrubs and grasses; so I think the drawing is also about the castle and its proximity to nature.


About emrysw

Emrys Williams is a visual artist based in Wales.
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