Day 4 Penrhyn Castle Residency

Faded wallpaper for Lord Penrhyn

Faded wallpaper for Lord Penrhyn

I made this watercolour called “Faded wallpaper for Lord Penrhyn”. The title is ironic/ political. I created a stencil to make the wallpaper pattern responding to a photo of a curtain I had taken in the castle. The colour is green like the wallpaper stencil from the sample I had looked at earlier and used in the Alice watercolours yesterday.Within the wallpaper is floating the actual castle and then in the distance images from the two paintings in the collection showing sugar plantations that helped supply the family wealth. These photographs are below.Its not curtains for Lord Penrhyn but it is wallpaper and its all tearing and fading; he should not have locked Alice in the tower, its revenge through watercolour !

Then I made a second watercolour using the wallpaper stencil, this time in pink. In this image Alice’s eyes are floating in grey, the blue behind is the sky as she looks through the window; other motifs are the arrow slits representing the castle, ivy or Virginia Creeper that covers the walls and the words that were scratched in the window pane “Essore amato amando” – “To be loved whilst loving”.

"Pink wallpaper with Alice's eyes" watercolour on handmade paper 30cm x 40cm

“Pink wallpaper with Alice’s eyes” watercolour on handmade paper 30cm x 40cm


About emrysw

Emrys Williams is a visual artist based in Wales.
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